House Rules

1) Inherent Bonuses

Ok, not exactly a house rule as it’s in the DMG 2, but close enough. As we’re running with Inherent Bonuses, everyone will get +1 to attack and damage rolls at 2nd, 7th, 12th, 17th, 22nd and 27th level. You also get +1 to AC, Fortitude, Reflex and Will defences at 4th, 9th, 14th, 19th, 24th and 29th level.

2) Monster Initiative

In the interests of keeping things running smoothly, I’ll be averaging the initiative bonus of the fastest and slowest monsters in a given encounter, and rolling initiative for them all as a group. In the event that more enemies enter an ongoing encounter, they’ll also go on the existing ‘monsters’ turn.

3) Buying Magic Items

Magic items up to level 4 are available for general sale (with a bit of hunting around). Anything higher level than that will involve special arrangements, either through some particularly good contacts or agents (who may well ask for a favour in return), or by seeking out the items in the world (anyone with their heart set on a particular kind of item is encouraged to put some in-character effort into discovering where such a thing might be found).

Other magic is more commonly available – The Guild can invest people with ‘Boons’ (for a price) which can grant supernatural effects. Guild Boons often involve tattoos or brands. The temples of the gods, powerful magic users, the fey and other powers can also grant Boons, although they might ask for a price other than gold. Rituals can be purchased that grant temporary boons. Ask me for more details if you’re interested in how Boons work in practice.

Consumable items, such as healing potions, are an exception to the above, and are commonly available for sale (although high quality potions may be harder to find).

House Rules

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