Campaign Backgrounds

I’m moving these here as they have a few details about the campaign setting.

- Guild Initiate (open to anyone with the Warlock class): The Guild recruits from all the inhabitants of Tribute, with little regard for race or station. Once a year the black-robed Warlocks roam the streets, picking out young children they believe will show promise in the Art. You are one such child: for most of your life, all you have known is endless study and testing within the echoing halls of the Guild towers. One day, not long ago, you were taken, without explanation, and ushered out into the street. You still don’t know why the Guild rejected you, but you learned much during your studies, and the intricate Guild brand that marks your forearm commands a measure of respect and fear from the citizens of Tribute.

Associated skills: Arcana, Intimidate

- Shipwreck Survivor (open to anyone): The Restless Sea can be cruel. Shipwrecks are not uncommon along the coast near Tribute, and there is a longstanding tradition of scavenging from those wrecks among the city’s citizens. During one such scavenging run, Liriel Sorell, the elven owner of the Sunken City tavern, found more than she expected: she found you, a baby washed ashore, with no sign of other survivors. Liriel raised you as her own. The Sunken City sits directly on the waterfront, and has something of a reputation as a meeting point for Tribute’s underworld.

Associated skills: Endurance, Streetwise

- Devotee of the Raven Queen (open to anyone): All manner of gods, both fair and foul, are worshiped in Tribute, but the Raven Queen, goddess of death and rebirth, has no temples within the city’s walls. The Monastery of the Second Breath stands a half day’s travel from the city, and has grown into a small town in it’s own right. From there, those sworn to the Raven Queen comb the surrounding ruins of Nihei Sehir, seeking out the deathless creatures that still lurk within its halls as an affront to their deity, whilst eyeing Tribute and its rulers with suspicion, all under the auspices of the monastery’s leader, a Tiefling paladin named Penitence. You may have been raised at the monastary, or perhaps you came to the worship of the Raven Queen later in life.

Associated skills: Religion, Dungeoneering

- Northern Refugee (open to anyone): Five years ago, a great horde of orcs and other creatures swept out of Winterbole forest to the far north, and rumours say a great green dragon lead the army. You never saw a dragon, but you certainly saw the orcs burning your home town to the ground even as you fled from it. Many refugees from the northern settlements made their way to Tribute, and shanty-town of shacks and tents still sits outside of the Ox Gate to the north of the city. The past five years have been hard, but the long trek south taught you a thing or two about survival, and there are always opportunities for those quick and clever enough to exploit them.

Associated skills: Nature, Thievery

- Vurmak clan heir (open to dragonborn characters): The dragonborn clans still have a strong presence in Tribute, providing renowned warriors, traders and trackers for the departing caravans and ships. Many though want more than a mercenary existence, and plot the recapture of their old home city. At the centre of most of those plots sits Aygun Harun, the old patriarch of the Vurmak clan. As a member of clan Vurmak, you cannot help but be embroiled in Aygun’s schemes, for good or ill.

Associated skills: Insight, History

Campaign Backgrounds

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