Tribute - D&D 4E Campaign

Session 8: Dances with Worms

The now flaming Guild guardsman charges towards Thia, Taliesin and the Warforged mooks still loading crates into the carts in the sewers. The construct follows it, smashing aside the towering walls of crates to forge a path directly towards the thieves.

Fourteen braces himself and charges directly at the surviving guardsmen still clustered around the breech in the wall. After a moment of hesitation, Garrett and Kharis set down one glass box each and run to help him.

Meanwhile, the construct and the burning mutant have closed in on the other party members. The construct manages to grab Taliesin and hurls him several feet across the warehouse to crash into Thia. As they pick themselves up, the burning man is on them. Looking for help, they call the mooks away from their thievery to help in the fight.

The construct lumbers back towards the north end of the warehouse, where the concerted efforts of Garrett, Thia and Kharis have all but finished off the remaining guards. They surround the creature and begin laying into it with gusto.

The burning mutant kills one of the Warforged, but Taliesin and Thia manage to bring it down. A great circle of flame erupts from it as it falls, but no more lives are lost.

The construct also falls after a protracted battle. It also explodes into a hail of rocky shards as it dies, inflicting some damage. As the party gather their breath Garrett hears the sound of approaching reinforcements, and they take this as a cue to make an exit with their loot.

As the party flees back to the sewers, they catch sight of a second wave of guards pouring in through the breach in the warehouse wall, with a pair on black-robbed warlocks striding confidently forward in their midst.

The party race through the sewers pushing their carts laden with loot, Thia and Fourteen staging a running rearguard action against the pursuing guards. Eventually they lose their pursuers in the noisome darkness, and emerge back into the sunlight. Some distance away, the dull glow of a fire can be seen rising over the warehouse district.

After taking some time to recover, the party make their way back to Brick’s scrapyard with their haul. The crime-boss is slightly perturbed by the ruckus they have caused, but large amounts of stolen Guild goods allay his concerns. he reveals that the worms they discovered were Guild Bond Worms – they can confer magical properties on an individual they are bonded to, although using more than one at once can be dangerous, as the party have seen. He offers them their pick of the worms, which they politely decline, instead offering to sell their cut of the haul to him. He agrees, adding to their already considerable haul from fencing the stolen goods.

The heist behind them, Kharis is keen to make contact with any Wizards to be found in the city. Some research by Garrett and Taliesin leads them to a group called the Obsidian Tower, who make their base in the abandoned waterworks building of ancient Nehi Sehir. The party resolve to pay them a visit.

They gain admittance to the Waterworks, and are greeted by a rumpled looking mage. In exchange for some of the books the party obtained in the keep of the Wyld Hunt, the mage agrees to an alliance of sorts – Kharis will be given access to their libraries and other facilities, and he examines Garrett and Thia for afflictions gained during their time in the fey. In Garrett’s case, it has become clear that the master of the Wyld Hunt has obtained a sample of his blood, which could be use to track him. The mage crafts a quicksilver amulet, which he says will block any magical scrying – for a time at least. Thia, meanwhile, has been afflicted with strange and troubling dreams since her encounter with the Huntmaster. The mage suggests that the fey lord may have left some implanted suggestion with the ranger, to be triggered at some future time. He says it is beyond his art to cure it, but that a powerful summer fey might be able to assist.

The heroes, in need of a well-earned break, each take some time to pursue their individual interests in the city. But more on that next time.


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