Tribute - D&D 4E Campaign

Session 7: Oceans 5

Now back in the city of Tribute, the party discuss their next move. Thia is keen to return to the island of Winter, to put a stop to the slave-trading pirates based there once and for all. Taliesen has business with Egan Forgebellow in Hammerfast. Fourteen has plans to raise a rebellion from the city’s slaves. And then of course there is the heist the leader of the Warforged proposed to the them…

Eventually, the party agree on a general course of action: they will perform the heist, head to Hammerfast, return to Tribute to raise a rebellion and then set out for Winter to end Kylma Myrsky’s days of piracy.

Before beginning the robbery, some of the party have tasks to take care of. Fourteen heads to the fighting pits to keep an eye on the most prominent slave-fighters there (in particular, the grizzled veteran Wraith and young tournament champion Cederic catch his eye). Kharis, meanwhile, begins to research some of the books recovered during their journeys in the Feywyld.

Their tasks completed, the party head back to the Foundry district to meet with Brick. The scarred gang boss lays out the particulars of the job. There is a guild controlled compound in the warehouses near the docks, where the Warforged’s contacts have observed some form of magical goods being moved in (he doesn’t know exactly what, only that his contact noted heavy security and the presence of guild warlocks, who seem only to concern themselves with magical goods). He also expects other valuable goods to be inside, and would like to see a good haul from the job. He sends six of his gang members, led by a young man named Bastian, to assist the party. He also warns them that the guild often use magical constructs to guard their property, and that the adventurers would be wise to find some way to evade or disable any that might be present.

The party spend some time observing the compound, with Thia observing from a nearby clocktower and taking the unenviable task of mapping the surrounding sewers, while Kharis searches for concentrations of arcane energy. She locates two, one within the main warehouse building, and another within a smaller structure to the north of the compound.

Eventually, the group decide that Bastian and two of his goons will set a fire nearby to serve as a distraction, while the party and the remaining goons will break in from the sewers through the floor of the main warehouse building. They plan to time their entrance so that it coincides with the start of the fire (the fire will be aided by the attention of several bottles of alchemist’s fire to ensure a suitably loud boom).

Their timings work perfectly, but their entrance into the warehouse is less subtle than hoped: a great sweep of floor collapses into the sewers, burying one of Brick’s men who was helping with the digging. The party scramble up and into the warehouse. The two remaining thugs, assisted by Taliesin and Tenser’s Floating Disk, begin loading crates into the hand carts the party have bought along.

Garrett sneaks through the main body of the warehouse. He finds one terrified guard who he swiftly silences, then makes his way towards the area where Kharis sensed the concentration of magical power.

He find fie small glass boxes, each containing half a dozen of so writhing and unpleasant looking worms. This was not what the party were expecting, but there’s clearly something magical about them, so Garrett, Kharis and Fourteen grab the glass boxes.

At this point, a towering stone construct, accompanied by a force of Guild guardsmen, smashes through the north wall of the warehouse.

After a brief exchange of blows and spells with the guards, Kharis and Garrett retreat with the glass boxes, as the construct begins to lumber towards Thia and Taliesen. Fourteen, on the other hand, pulls back his arm and hurls the glass box towards the construct.

It smashes, freeing the worms, which ignore the construct entirely and make for the two nearest guardsmen. When they reach them, they begin to burrow under the surface of their skin. One guard begins to swell, his skin shifting and taking on the appearance of stone, then bark, before he noisily and messily explodes. The other guard also grows larger, rippling with new and unnatural muscle. He roars, and the sword in his hand bursts into to flame. He shows no signs of imminent explosion.

This could turn out to be a problem…


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