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Session 6: Back in Kansas

As session six begins, the adventurers find themselves standing in a room full of gnoll corpses. Fourteen, angry at having been knocked to the floor in the last fight, begins hacking at the bodies while the rest of the group search the room.

Meanwhile, in another room a short distance away, the Seneschal is listening to the sounds of battle, and frowning. He summons his attendants to bring him his armour, and begins to prepare for battle. One of those attendants is Vulck, a fire elemental captured by the wild hunt some weeks ago. Vulck complies, but wonders if whatever is happening outside might offer the chance to regain his freedom.

The party finish looting the trolls, and prepare themselves to face the seneschal, proceeding along the next walkway an unceremoniously kicking open the door of his office. As they burst in, Taliesin declares “Master, we’ve come to save yoU!”, but given the circumstances the Seneschal is unconvinced.

The party find themselves faced with the Seneschal himself, two guards in full armour and several large, snarling wolves. The room itself is dominated by a large pool of water at the centre, with the Seneschal’s desk and a bookcase at the far end. Vases, holding what appear to be dead shrubs, are arrayed along each wall.

The party quickly move to attack, whilst Vulck pretends to be moving to protect his master, but swiftly turns on him and begins hurling fireballs with abandon.

As Thia presses into the room, one of the dead apparent shrubs begins to shift and move, erupting into a horde of tiny stick-men that claw and scratch at the heroes.

Disengaging from Vulck, the Seneschal strides out onto the water in the centre pool, platforms of ice forming under his feet, and begins to hurl freezing shards at the party. This impressive feat is quickly undermined as Kharis casts light on the tip of his nose, causing it to glow brightly.

The party, now with Vulck’s aid, manage to overwhelm to forces against them, until only the Seneschal and one of his guards remain. The Seneschal attempts to surrender, but Vulck, angry at his imprisonment, incinerates him with a fireball, while Fourteen buries his sword in the back of the last guards head. On the Sensechal’s body, they find the acorn they require to return home, although they still require a ritual scroll.

The party divid, Kharis, Garrett and Thia staying to search the room, while Fourteen, Taliesin and Vulck head back to the book graveyard to free Isa, who is relieved to seem them return.

Back in the Seneschal’s office, Kharis finds a copy of the ritual scroll in the bookcase, and Garrett finds a button hidden under the rim of the desk. Thia, listening intently, hears the sound of armoured feet approaching, apparently from the far side of the bookcase. There is a thumping knock from the far side of the bookcase, which begins to roll aside. Garrett quickly presses the button on the desk, causing it to go the other way, and the three take off running. Half way across the room they turn and see the full might of the wild hunt closing in from the hidden doorway, they blue-eyed, black-armoured leader at their head. Thia, the slowest fleeing the room, is caught before she can escape.

Garrett and Kharis meet Vulck, Fourteen, Taliesen and Isa coming the other way. The bulk of the group prepare a Tenser’s Floating Disk Ritual to escape over the banister down into the courtyard, while Vulck goes back for Thia.

When he enter the room, he find the Wyld Hunt arrayed in a wide semi-circle around her, while the leader stares into her eyes and touches her forehead with an outstretched finger.

Vulck attempts a bluff, claiming that she has been claimed “by his master.” The leader laughs, declaring that “Quoron is no master to me.”, but lifts Thia by her throat and throws her towards Vulck. Vulck catches her, and takes off running.

He meets the rest of the party as they are preparing to depart, and they pile on to the disk and descend into the courtyard. The Wyld Hunt pile out onto the walkway, starring angrily down at them. Garrett feels a sensation of heat prickling under his skin as the huntmaster gazes down at him. When they reach the ground, Vulck thrusts his hand into the great bonefire that blazes at the courtyard’s centre, attempting to channel it’s power back up towards their pursuers. He does so, although the effort drains him considerably, and a wave of fire washes over the balcony, sending steam rising and bodies tumbling. The party flees out of the front gate, and re-enter the tunnel system through the opening they observed earlier.

They retreat through the tunnels, gathering the slaves as they go, and return to the spot where they first entered the Feywyld, as hunting horns sound in the background. Kharis prepares to cast the ritual, but the arcane forces slip out of her control. She will be able to hold the portal only for a brief moment – certainly not long enough to get both the party and the slaves through.

However, Isa steps forward to lend her support, and everyone piles in to the portal. Fourteen, the last through, looks up for a moment as dimensions twist around him. He see’s Isa’s face, looking down, before the portal snaps shut behind him.

The party find themselves back in the temple of Corellon in Tribute, swiftly greeted by a group of somewhat surprised priests. The priests promise to offer some support to the former slaves, and the party head off for a well earned rest.

The next day, eager to discover more about the sword they recovered in the ice fortress, the party go to visit Penitence at the Monastery of the Second Breath. She tells them that it is a Githyanki bonded blade, and suggests that attempting to claim it would likely attract to unwelcome attention of the powerful inter-planer species. However, if they are intent on the course, she suggests that her old adventuring companion, Egan Forgebellow, now the Runemaster at Hammerfast, may be able to help Taliesen to bond with the weapon.


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