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Session 5: Gnoll Soup

Session notes only at the moment:

-the battle in the tunnel, 3 troll like things under the stalactites, Kharis drops stalig on one, Thia drops stalig on another.

- The figures around the bone fire are identified as Hobbs – a tribe of goblins trapped in the Wyld, or children kidnapped by the fey, depending on who you believe. They seem focused on their tasks unless interacted with directly.

- They explore the dark passage first. Ten minutes walk, then see daylight at the end. Garrett pokes his head out, 1 on stealth check! The stone gates open, Wyld Hunt sally forth. The huntmaster “We ride to reclaim our brother”, looks directly at Garrett and nods. The party decide to turn back.

- bring slaves up into the troll cave, set them up around the fire. Leave one at bottom of shaft to watch the portal – Jaesa insists it be her. Two more keeping watch at top of shaft – Fourteen gives one, ‘Simmon’, sling and magic sling stones.

- Head down the passage with the tracks. Bone chutes. Bone cart. The way is lit with subtly glowing ice-moss. Garrett (not having a good day), steps on a line of runes in the floor (Thia, who spots them, not able to stop him in time). There is a flash and a shock, Garrett takes damage, runes turn crimson. Slowly, the surrounding ice moss begins to turn red as well.

- Party press on rapidly, bursts through door at far end of tunnel. Find Hobb ‘kitchen’, piles of bodies (one unidentifiable green-skinned humanoid, from which they recover a bonded blade), another hobb dragging a fresh corpse down the stairs. Bodies = two dead of stiletto blade, one of poison

- Tal convinces one Hobb to give up its robe, Garrett wears it to head up the stairs. Upstairs find arena arming chamber, sprites maintaining weapons which mock hi (circling round his head, chanting, throwing stuff) (3), but do not seem to see through his disguise. Heads back down stairs, spites leave him alone after the first few steps.

- They investigate the Hobb kitchen further, find a narrow gap in the wall, edging along it reveals low-ceilinged hobb warren. At the back they find a dumbwaiter, thing, about the right size for a human to fit in.

-First up is Garrett, with Tal riding shotgun in hare form

- Gnoll chef at top, smells Tal. Tal transforms into hum form in full view, tries to convince the Gnoll he is replacement chef. Gnoll circles, sniffing (“The only thing that come up that shaft is food”). Tal insults his culinary abilities when his back is to Garrett: the halfling backstabs and takes him down in one shot. Rest of the party come on up. Chef wears silver collar that unsnaps when it dies: Kharis recognises that it is a magical slave collar – it allows the owner to inflict pain, and causes the wearer to waist away when they leave the Feywild.

- Gnoll barracks: the next room contains a Gnoll barrack room: room for thirty or forty, but five sleeping there currently. The party manages to take them all down in their sleep like badasses (skill challenge).

- two doors out: one at far end, one metal door off to side. Fourteen knocks metal door out of frame (weakened by Kharis’ flame blast), catches it before it clangs to the ground.

- Inside in Gnoll armoury. More runes, like those in the tunnel, spotted on floor: analysis suggests that as well as lightning attack, they may be magically extracting a sample of the blood of the victim. In armoury – some high end gnoll gear, + staff of elemental mastery, three ritual scrolls (2x tensers floating disk, 1x hand of fate), poison dispenser ring, 2x ring of ice skin). This is a staggering magical haul, especially to find in possession of the bog standard guards.

- The rail + the court of madness: out of the far door, they find a walkway around the inner wall of a great tower. Several floors below, the pillar of fire rises up through the floor, the fey of the winter court cavorting around it. Other rooms set against the inner wall visible.

- Book graveyard: next room, piles of books in various states. Isa, Thia’s companion, wearing silver manacles, has been set to sorting them for interesting volumes. Tells the party about the seneschal, also: that she has been here for ‘months’, and that Erik and some others were taken to the arena. The party elect not to free Isa yet, for fear of alerting sen., but promise to come back for her later.
Additional; Sen has been having Isa secrete some volumes for his private collection.

- The ice forge: The party hear hammering from the next room. Garrett goes in wearing the Hobb outfit,see the ice forge, plus 5 gnolls working on armour/weapons using hammers that strike their own sparks when they impact. Gnolls look up "Hobbs shouldn’t be in hear!‘, but Garrett tricks them with the Lassie act (great bluff roll) – Gnolls head towards the walkway. Way blocked by Fourteen – three gnolls attack him in a pack, one gets hurled over the edge into the court below. However, the gnolls succeed in bringing him down (a first!). Meanwhile Garrett, still in Hobb form, backstabs the gnolls’ leader. It is SUPER EFFECTIVE! Tal resurects F., with supporting fire for Thia and Kharis they drive the gnolls back (Kharis’ flaming orb stacks significant damage). Garret ties up the leader and the remaining gnoll, who both prove utterly unable to hit him. Tough fight, but all gnolls eventually immolated/stabbed/bashed/
arrow-shot into submission. Side note: daily power from Kharis staff negates ongoing fire damage gnolls weapons would have done.


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