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Session 0: Flight From Winter

Our three heroes, the Dava Invoker Isa, the human fighter Erik, and the eleven ranger Thia, are travelling the Restless Sea on a ship named The Morningstar. Their ship is attacked by the feared pirate captain Kylma Myrsky; the rest of the crew are killed, and the heroes are subdued, knocked unconscious, and drugged.

They awaken to find themselves imprisoned on Kylma’s island fastness Winter, an island locked in eternal cold. Their prison itself is empty aside from fellow captive Nathaniel, who was himself once a member of Kylma’s crew imprisoned for mutiny.

The party free themselves, thanks largely to a display of impressive dexterity from Thia, and Nathaniel pleads for them to free him as well, promising that he has knowledge that could aid in their escape. After some debate, Erik frees Nathaniel, who tells the party that the majority of Kylma’s fleet have returned to the seas, leaving only a handful of guards under the command of his Goblin advisor, Skulk. However, Nathaniel believes that at least one treasure ship is still docked at Winter.

In the corridor outside the prison, Erik knocks out the guard with a single punch and the party regain their gear. At the end of the corridor is a small feast hall where the handful of remaining crew seem to be drinking extensively.

Thia climbs to a skylight to peak into the feast hall. The hall is filled with pirates in various states of drunkenness. At the far end of the hall, Skulk sits with his feet resting on two wooden cages containing giant spiders. Several disgruntled looking servants (slaves?) circulate the hall.

After some debate, the party agree to try to make contact with the servants to enlist their aide. They identify a matronly looking woman named Jaesa as the likely head of the group. When Jaesa passes near the door, Isa tries to catch her attention, but nearly startles her into revealing their prescence. Only a quick invocation of Bahumat prevents Jaesa from calling out. However, the party eventually manages to gain her trust. Jaesa promises to help them escape, as long as the party can provide a suitable distraction, and that all of Jaesa’s people leave with them.

Isa, disguised as a servant, encourages scarred, one eyed human Bodak (friend of Skulk), to suggest to the goblin that Kylma’s beautiful daughter could be his if only he defeated one of the dragonborn pirates in a duel. Skulk doesn’t do duels, but he does set on of his spiders on the unfortuante dragonborn, and the ensuing slaughter provides sufficient distraction for the party and their followers to escape.

Leaving the hall, the party spot the greater stronghold of Kylma looming behind them, but quickly make their way to the shore and the boat. They swiftly overwhelm the small group of guards, and manage to board the docked treasure ship and pull out of the harbour with Skulk and his lackey’s hot on their heels. They narrowly avoid the rocks and ice of the harbour, as Skulk screams insults from the shore.

Now at sea with the 12 servants, Jaesa and Nathniel, the party investigate the single treasure chest in the ship’s hold. It contains 400gp and a frost-rimed sword inscribed with anchient draconic runes reading ilk şehir bıçak – blade of the first city.


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